First tries with Sequences and DragScript

Happy New Years to everyone. Today I decided to try out writing some Sequences and then dabble
a bit with a very simple DragScript.

I first did a Sequence of 5 different Dark Frames. Starting at 30s, 60s, 90s, 120s,and finally 180s.
I did a sequence with 5 lines and set a different folder for the different times. This did not work out
so well. The 30s Darks were saved to OneDrive and the 60, 90 and120s went to the expected folders
but the 180s were saved back to the OneDrive.

I then separated the Sequences and did a separate Sequence for each time with its corresponding folder.
This worked as expected.

So for my first DragScript I called each Individual Sequence and the Script ran great but it did not use
the folders as called for in the Sequence. The script used the first location for all the files. This is really
not that big a deal as PixInsight will sort out all the files in its WBPP script.

I found a similar Topic about filenames and it appears that DragScipt will not change folders in the middle
of a script. So if there is a way to change directories in a script, that would help the Human, the computer
does not seem to care. It is just easier for me to see what is what.

Thank you

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

Hi Bob,

I am not sure if I follow; if you use the latest version(s), you can customize the file name & folder however you want. It should be specified in the Voyager general settings, and you can just select to use your customized naming pattern when you create the sequence. DragScript has nothing to do with it.

You set it in SetupForm -> Voyager -> PATH & NAME -> Sequence File Pattern. You can surely create it in a way that you save data with different exposure length into different folders.

Bob , Dragscript absolutely not manage folder or naming in any case … just if you use exposure block where you need to put the folder in the block configuration.

In the wiki some info on how to use the folder in sequence:

Check your sequence (for each sequence) settings.

In Sequence you can activate FIle Pattern functions where you can subfolder more:

You can define a general base sequence different:

All the best