First Voyager image

M101 – about 31 hours LRGBHa over 10 nights with lots of clouds and rain and high winds in between. C8 EdgeHD on 10Micron GM1000 with ASI2600 mm & Chroma filters.

My first image with the Voyager Trial. Getting the hang of On-the-Fly imaging. Lots of fiddling with solving and autofocus and cloud recovery, but so far not successful with DragScript. I don’t have an observatory so have to depend on rain alarms to run outside in my jammies and cover up the rig when the weather turns foul!

After many years imaging with various software in linux, I took the plunge and installed Windows on my NUC along with all the “helper” software that Voyager needs for drivers, guiding, solving, planetarium, etc. That was a royal pain and took almost a week to tweak, but I absolutely LOVE the reliability that Voyager provides, especially with dicey weather.


Congrats, you must be very pleased with the result. I have the exact same setup, albeit only received my LRGB today. Just over a year into the hobby but my results seem to be improving steadily.

Hope to produce something close to yours over time.

Clear skies