Flat device and dark frames


One of these nights I did set a sequence with darks in there as well. Since I have an arduino flat device that is a dust cover at the same time, I thought that once Voyager would get to the darks portion it would automatically close the flat device, especially because I set the sequence to open the device before starting taking shots.

Once I looked over my darks, there were stars in there, so I would like to ear from the developers if this was an error, maybe an unchecked box or something before putting a feature request for future versions.

Thank you


sequence manage dust cap only at beginning and at end of sequence and not for slot shot.

If you want to take dark in sequence your camera must have electronic shutter or the driver when receive the dark type shot must close the mechanical shutter. Usually all the camera work in this way.

I suggest to use a dedicate sequence in dragscript with before call to the dust cap closing or using the dragscript facilites script for dark.

Dark with a dust cover isn’t enough in anycase !

All the best

Leo, thanks for the answer. So I understand that voyager won’t close the flap even if the image type is dark. I can understand why not implementing such feature might be good in the end.