Focus Keep failing in First Light


I keepgetting a “Too high HFD” error when trying to run the First Light Wizard.

Im using a C11 Edge with an Optec Leo focuser.

Any ideas on better settings to get it working?

The scope is already roughly focused…heres a pic.

Did you use the green “Point closest focus star with robostar” button to pick out the star? It is best to let Voyager pick out the star for you.

Blue’s suggestion is a good one - there may not be an appropriate focus star in your field.
In addition, check the HFD values on the VCurve Mode tab of Robofire Configuration: and scroll down to the HFD discussion.

The HFD values tell Voyager what size HFD to use when creating the VCurve. If they are too large for your optics, the star may be too large, dim, or even disappear and the VCurve creation may not be possible.


If you need dedicated support please use the dedicated channel here:

When you start the first light wizard, a windows with all things to have will be show before start.

You must have choosed a right star using :

You must have a focus that return an HFD lower than the value in “Near Focus field” in “HFD parameters box” (default is 10) :

HFD in your image is around 12/13 and you dont have right stars near the center.

All the best