Focus on place - what happens if it fails?

Hi there,

I’ve been using Voyager for a couple of months and I love it!

I have a question on focusing - I like using Robostar to focus as it gives me the best results for my system. However to potentially save time between shots, I was thinking of using “Focus on place” instead.

As I understand it, this is similar to Robostar, but without the slew, if a suitable star can be found in the current field of view.

My question is, what happens if Focus on Place fails to find a suitable star in the field of view? Does the autofocus then fail, or does it switch to Robostar instead?

For me, it would be great if the Focus on Place fails, that it uses Robostar as a failsafe. Then I don’t need to worry if a star cannot be found on place!

I see the option for Local Field to go to Robostar if it fails, but not for Focus on Place, which is why I ask.

Many thanks!

Welcome, Focus on place is like lottery … you have a lot of probablity to loose. Depends on your resolution/field and on which part of sky you are. Fails and retry 3 times but probably fail again because continue to use on place. There is not focus method switch from on place.

Better to have good data than more data but to trash, focus on place can be do focus on border and do a disaster.

Usually focus on place is developed and used from 3rd part autofocus applications that have their internal system to get right star or focus.

All the best

Ah - understood - thanks for the explanation Leonardo. I will stick to Robostar for sure then!

Last night I ran a sequence consisting of 4 blocks of 15 images of 60 secs each for LRGB and Robostar focus for each filter change. Then repeated the whole night. Focusing and pointing 4 times an hour approximately which was a nice balance for me!

Woke up this morning to a folder full of sharp images and 100 sky flats…excellent software!

Thanks again!

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