Focus star and gotos Jnow or J2000

Running last night is had a lot of repetitive plate solves because targets and focus stars were all hitting consistently off in the same spot.

I’m using a paramount MyT with a nice t-point model. I recalibrate with a dozen points each session. My gotos with TheSkyX seem to be on target.

So is there something different, maybe is voyager sending goto coordinates in jnow or j2000?

I’m at f/7 with a fov about 45 arcmin and my targets are hitting high center about 1/3 from top edge. 15 arcmin seems a lot to be off.

It makes my script do multiple recenter a for focus stars and sequence targets.

if you have a model check if your mount allow sync or remove sync from voyager procedure

if you use ASCOM voyager use the coord in the format needed from driver usually is JNow (voyager just ask to driver how its working)
if you use TSX like mount TSX have internal way to use the right coords