Future Hardware wishes

On my last imaging run I had an issue with my cables getting tangled. This has probably
happened to all of us at one time or the other.

What I am hoping for in the near future is an ASCOM controllable box that attaches to the
scope and I only have to bring power to it. All the accessories like the focuser, guider, filter
wheel etc, etc. plug into this box and are powered from it. The cables would then be quite short
and more easily organized.

The ZWO ASIPro is getting there but it is only for ZWO products. Anyone know of a product that
exists now or will soon that is not specific to certain hardware and is wireless? The speed of down
loads is not the big a deal anymore as the new wireless is quite fast.

Just wondering.

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

I have been looking around and maybe what I want to do is already possible.
My thoughts:

  • Mount my Minix micro computer on the scope with Voyager installed.
  • Connect everything up as it is now to the Minix computer.
  • Connect to the Minix computer with Web Dashboard for imaging
  • Use Remote Desktop to access the Minix from another computer for programing and setups

This might allow me to have only the power for the Minix and a relay or two powering other bits
and have my cabling shortened up and less prone to tangling.

Bob Parry

Pegasus UPBv2 and UPBv1 do that and they are fully supported by Viking/Voyager


I second what José said. The Pegasus Astro Ultimate Power Box v2 is outstanding.

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Thanks for suggestions. I looked at the Pegasus and it will do what I want. But at nearly $900 Cnd. I am not sure I can afford that anytime soon.

Bob Parry