FWHM/HFD trend graph - sending latest image to CCD Inspector

This might (probably) be a stupid request - is there a way to show, in real-time a trend graph of HFD/FWHM as measured from the latest image over time?

I was thinking of copying the latest image to aa folder that CCD Inspector could analyse and delete, but I don’t see a way to do that with RoboTarget or the Default Sequence.

In an ideal world I would love to plot said data by elevation and atmospheric conditions to help get a sense of trend data to help me better understand the impact different variables are having on my data quality (this is partly to help me debug what I think might be an OTA/image train problem, hence the unusual request)

Use the webdashboard where there is the graph you asked.
Otherwise you can use the Voyager Application server APIs to intercept FIT creation JPG stretched view creation and HFD value of the FIT and do what you want