General question about guider calibration

Not an issue, just curious…

I’m running the latest version of Voyager with an ASI294mc Pro main camera and ASI mini for guiding.

After Voyager has completed the calibration (I have it calibrate every sequence.) a yellow message comes up Guiding System not Calibrated in Voyager. It continues on and guides just fine in phd2.

Just wondering why it thinks it is not calibrated when it just finished a calibration? Did I miss a setting somewhere?



Hello Eric,

Voyager generally doesn’t trust what happen outside his control or outside the Sequence running.
So if you dont choose to calibrate in Voyager Sequence a warning (yellow message) appear in monitor to alert you. Voyager cannot know if this calibration is real or old or wrong related to the sequence information running … just tell you.

Its a simple warning, if the warning coming inside the Sequence this is not normal … but in this case you must open a support request and send the log about.

All the best