Getting Atik One filter wheel to connect with Sky X and Voyager

I am working on setting up Voyager and getting everything working together and connecting. All seems to be going well at the moment with testing with the exception of getting the Atik One 6 filter wheel to connect at the same time as the CCD through the Sky X Pro. This is an internal filter wheel and moves as soon as the camera connects.

I am using the Camera Add-on in the Sky X and have set it to allow the camera to connect to the filter wheel when the camera connects. The problem I have run into is that the filter wheel refuses to connect automatically and throws an error message that the connection failed. This means I then have to go into the Sky X and connect manually - which is does without issue. I would like to automate the setup so it can start automatically, but at the moment it needs me to connect the filterwheel.

Has anyone who happens to be using the Sky X and the Atik One worked out how to get the filter wheel to connect in the Sky X automatically from Voyager. As it is likely an issue inherent in the Sky X, I have posted there and a response to troubleshoot the issue was received but this made no difference. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as it also refuses to connect automatically in the Sky X alone despite the correct boxes being ticked.