GUM-15 / RCW-32 in Ha

Around the full moon this month, I spent a few nights working on this subject, all captured using Voyager. I had lots of issues with clouds and some with my hardware (camera timeouts), but I managed to get about 14.5 hrs of data which I pruned to use a bit over 13 hrs for this image:

A larger version with all the details can be found on Astrobin:


Really nice image, i hope you fix soon issues and give color.

All the best

Thanks. I think I might have sorted out the camera timeouts as last night I managed to go the whole night without any issues.

As for the colour, that will probably have to wait until later this year when it’s back in the sky. It’s not quite circumpolar for me and its current positioning at night is such that it’s in some trees (it’s unfortunately in possibly the worst possible position for my setup :slight_smile: ).