Hangs on flat exposure

I continue to experience an issue with auto flat.
As can be seen in the picture the exposure (0.5 s in this case) hangs when downloading and it does not recover. In this case the download started at 10:03:17 and at 10:03:57 was not finished yet.
I’m using a QHY163M with native driver support.
Any idea?

Check your usb and powering cables and change if needed, check the connector camera side. Verify to not have to high usb speed in driver. Check in which port you connect the usb camera in pc, avoid hub if possible.

Hi Leo,
I raised the USB Traffic from 10 to 30 and it seems to work now!

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I spoke too soon: same problem with USB traffic 30.
Please keep in mind that camera is working since many months without hitch…
I started having problems when making flats with broadband filters.
I’m convinced it is not problem related to cables or connectors.

Be sure to not go under the min exposure time allowed by your camera if you think its a Camera firware problem and be sure to not use the QHY Camera Beta direct driver in Voyager that is reserved to newest QHY cameras. Change USB port in PC be sure to not use an USB 3.0/3.1 port if your firmware in PC mother board do not implements the USB protocol in a right way (especially if its an HUB).

This is the last checks to do … after … open a support request to QHY about your problem, they can remotely access to your PC if needed and check your camera status.

All the best