Help writing a multiple target dragscript

I looked at the example multiple target dragscript, however for my needs I need some help changing it.
I have a portable setup so I will be starting the dragscript manually. I do not need start and end times for each target. I want it to start the sequence on the first target and when it finishes taking all the sub frames, goto the next target and run that sequence.
Usually, I only run one target per night and in the sequence setup on the end tab set it to good night, park and warm camera. I assume if running 2 target sequences, the first sequence I set the end tab to do nothing and set the end tab on the second sequence to good night, Park and warm camera.
Any help would be appreciated, I do not want to mess this up. It will be my first dragscript.

I play around with it and figured it out. Easier than I thought.