How to enter/exit a sequence based on a target's azimuth position

Where I image there is obstruction towards part of the the east and most of the south directions. For targets transiting meridian on the North, I can image from NE to N to NW. For targets transiting meridian on the South, I can only image a target 1 hour after it transits. (BTW I am in Southern Hemisphere). The Sequence and Dragscript can be programmed to run/exit based on altitude and hour angle, but not based on azimuth. Is there some trick in Dragscript so that I exclude targets in certain azimuth range?

This mean with HA you can solve … anyway i’ll add to the to-do list

This kind of control doesn’t help you to get better data because you can choose azimuth that have sense but cannot be useful because target could be under the horizon (sequence doesn’t start) or really low … for your info.

Thank you Leo, that would be appreciated.

The Azimuth limit will not be the only criteria used to decide whether to image a target or not. The limit will be used mainly to avoid trying to image a target that is hidden behind obstructions.

The azimuth limit will be very useful for someone like me who image from home, where the house and the neighbour’s house often prevent imaging in certain directions.

Without the limit, when the target approaches the obstruction, Voyager will keep imaging while the guide star is still visible, but the frames will be useless as part of the image will be showing the neighbour’s house. The sequence exits when the guide star is finally lost due to the obstruction, by which time a lot of time will be wasted. An Azimuth limit will prevent imaging before the obstruction becomes a problem.

Another related feature request - is it possible for the sequence to return a status of “SKIPPED” in addition to “OK” and “ERROR”? I would like to write a Dragscript to do different things depending on whether a sequence is skipped (e.g. due to low altitude) vs after it has been run. For example, I may write a script to start on a different target if a target has been skipped, but retry the skipped sequence at a later time.

add SKIPPED result is a great problem to do … this will affect dragscript written by all cause stopping work.
I must create a OK with a sub info SKIPPED separated… i think about.

I second the request of start/stop target based on Azimuth rather than HA. I also image from home and the physical block of imagable sky is by Az, not HA… Bound image session via Az is more intuitive. Looking forward for this feature!


I added the azimuth feature but remember azimut could be in range also if the target is under the horizon.

DO IF AZIMUTH BETWEEN will work like if azimuth are out of interval if altitude of target will be under the min value allowed for goto in Voyager Mount Setting.

Thank you Leo
This is a great feature for someone like me who’s sky at the imaging site has significant obstruction.

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I’ m adding the constraints in the sequence about azimut and the override in sequence block, next daily build with the IF SEQUENCE SKIPPED control block in DragScript.

All the best

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