How to "Pause" Imaging

Is there a way to pause imaging while a target goes behind a tree say, wait until the target reaches the meridian and flip and continue imaging for an hour? I need to stop imaging for M63 when altitude reaches 71 degrees, continue tracking until a meridian flip is triggered, and then image until the target reaches HA +1, then shut down?


You can use the HA block in dragscript or ALTITUDE block.
Or simple leave the sequence running check the error, wait some minutes and restart (in Dragscript).

Example, i dont have a weather system but i know will not rain just some hours of veil or cloud…so i leave running all with watchdog and error management in dragscript.

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I have my dragscripts set up so that on error it retries the script every ten minutes with ten iterations before it gives up and parks the mount (Or if it is a two sequence script, moves on to the next sequence) If a band of cloud passed through that gives me nearly two hours for it to clear. For the sake of safety mine stops the mount tracking during the wait.

The same would apply to a tree (I am lucky in that I set up in an area with no obstructions above about 20 degrees) The guiding would fail and raise an error and it would keep trying to restart every ten minutes until it is clear again. You could set your wait time longer to clear the tree in less retries but then a cloud induced error might cost you imaging time that would otherwise be useful.

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That’s very interesting !
Are you writing those retries instructions in IF ERROR ?
Can you provide a dragscript example ?

Here is a screenshot of part of my dragscript. The idea mentioned is there. Part of the script to the right is intentionally cutoff for anonymity.

Dragscript Example Voyager 20200420

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Thanks! Seeing detailed examples helps. If I understand correctly though, this doesn’t create a wait for HA condition?

Also, would you have to be guiding to create any kind of error condition, if you don’t have a cloud monitor?

Thanks again, Wayne

You are right that the DO IF HA BETWEEN part is not a wait. I have other blocks that also have DO IF HA BETWEENs. This fires off the appropriate sequences through the night and not wanting waits is deliberate since waits with things like Altitudes can cause problems if you need to restart the script.

But back to your real issue, guiding can certainly fire off errors. But that isn’t the only thing that can cause them. For example, if focusing fails, that will also cause an error condition. Likewise, if you reset your location with realign to target (which is under the guiding tab) that will cause error conditions if there aren’t stars since the platesolve will fail. A Meridian flip that occurs when there are clouds will cause a fail. Etc.

In my case, my “Cloud Monitor” is effectively my guiding.

It would be nice if there was the option to fail if the Star Index computed for a sub falls below a specified value.