How to send an SMS in Dragscript if living in the United States?

It appears that you now have to have a virtual phone number to send SMS messages using Nexmo (Vonage) if living in the United States. Does anyone who lives in the United States send themselves text messages if there is an error in Dragscript. If so, what is required and how is it set up in Dragscript? I have a Vonage account but not a virtual phone number.

Hi, Dennis … which error you receive ?
Probably is better to understand with Vonage if there are some limitation … I suggest to use Telegram also

All the best

Hi Leonardo,
Thanks for your repsonse. I’m not really getting a error…I just don’t get a text when there is an problem with the Dragscript or the equipment. I’m wondering if there is a way of accessing the Windows 10 “Your Phone” app though Dragscript to send a text message to my android phone? I’ve always got my phone with me but don’t always have access to my email. That’s why I’d rather use text messaging rather than email for Dragscript to notify me of any problems.

I found a solution by sending email to text via Thanks iwannbswiss!

Why you haven’t tried this suggestion ?

All the best

I haven’t tried any other setup (email to text, Telegram, etc) yet. The email to text via seems simpler since I’ve already got an att account. But if that doesn’t work and turns out to be more trouble than I expect, I’ll definitely try the Telegram route. Thanks for the suggestion!