How To Set A Time To End Imaging Session?

I’m probably the only one ever confused by this.

Is there away to tell Voyager to end your imaging session at a specific time? Lets say I want everything to stop at 5AM - wher do I set that?

I see the “On End” Tab in the sequencer and it seems I can set an interval of so many hours after the sequence starts - so (lets say) I start imaging at 9PM, then I would set an interval of 8 hours to get to 5AM in the morning. Do I have that right?

Am I missing somewhere that you can set a time based on a clock setting?

See the online Voyager manual.

Not sure what it means if both items are checked.


Okay, so if I’m reading that right and want Voyager to stop imaging at 5AM then I would uncheck “Force Sequence End Timer” and leave Absolute checked?

I think so. Never tried use On End tab but that’s what the manual sort of said.


In the image you have setting up to finish the sequence at 8.00 AM plus the time to finish the actual shot (if one is running at 8.00 AM)

Force the two option is not a problem.
Absolute is a defined time of the day you set , if you uncheck Absolute you have a timer of the interval you set from sequence start time.
Finish running exposure is to not abort the actual shot if the timer or the time is reached but release it when finished and stop the sequence.

This setting will not be used if you run a sequence in a DragScript, you must manage it in DragScript Sequence Block.

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