IC405 - Flaming Star and IC410 - Tadpole Nebula in HSO

My first posting on this forum.

IC405 and IC410 in Auriga.

Taken during December 2020, using Paramount MyT, Tak FSQ85 and Moravian G3 1600, with Astronomik 6nm Ha, Sii and Oiii filters. And of course the excellent Voyager software which allowed me to happily sleep while imaging :smile:

Only got about 5.3 hours on this object until bad weather arrived and stopped play. Rather happy so far, combined as HSO for that fire effect in the Flaming Star.

Comments are welcome.


Welcome Mark, really nice image. Thanks for sharing and for using Voyager.

All the best

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Thank you Leonardo.

Please keep up the great work on Voyager.

All the best


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