IC63 without guiding

Hi all,

I want to show you my first image with my new mount. After 2 months of clouds and fog I finally can take my first “real” image. The conditions wasn’t really good….lot of humidity and 70% of moon.
This was the first time I was imaging without guiding!

Also for the first time I use Voyager for the image gathering - Lights, Flats, Darks, BIAS and AutoFocus

Object data:
IC63 is an emission nebula and can be found in the constellation Cassiopeia on the northern night sky. IC63 is being shaped by radiation from a nearby unpredictably variable star, Gamma Cassiopeiae, which is slowly eroding away the ghostly cloud of dust and gas.
After the image processing the stars was removed to show this impressive nebula.

Here the picture data:
Telescope: 10” Lacerta Newton + GPU Comacorretcor + Lacerta MFOC(Motorfocus)
Mount: 10Micron GM2000 HPS II COMBI
Camera: ATIK ONE 6.0
Astrodon Ha 5nm: 32x600s + 77x300
Image processing: PixInsight

I hope you enjoy it.

br Wolfgang


Really nice image! Amazing what you are achieving without autoguiding!

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Very nice indeed Wolfgang. Subtly processed. :sunglasses:


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Wow … 3D image. Newer seen a level of details like this one, Hubble quality!


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Thank you very much guys! I try to do my best… as usual… :blush:

br Wolfgang