Image file location and naming


I use Voyager connected to The SkyX to control most things except focus. Everything works very nicely thank you, great program!

I have a small issue with Image file location and naming, mainly because I usually start and connect everything up but also usually want to carry out some image checks before stating a Dragscript.

It’s a bit complicated but let me try and explain

If I am just connected to TSX

I can take a test image and it is saved to my set directory using TSX’s ability to construct a file name full of the information I have set in the file naming dialogue. For example.

Target Light Filter 1.000secs 0.00C 1x1 08.08.2020

If I have full connection with Voyager, TSX and Focuslock

The only way I can find to take a test image from withing Voyager is with Camera Shot button in the “OnTheFly” dialogue

If I do this the image is saved in the Voyager Default directory (C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Voyager\FIT) and is named something like

This happens even if Voyager is set for a named image directory both in Settings and Sequence

With Full connection Imaging from within Sequence or Dragscript

Voyager saves to the named Voyager image directory.

At present the file name it uses could be one of my previous TSX naming conventions and it comes out as something like

However, this is not my current TSX naming convention and I can’t seem to change it anywhere.

Is this from Voyager? Can it be changed?

With Full connection but using TSX control panel to take a test image

The image is saved to the Default C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Voyager\FIT directory and is named something like VOYAGER Target Light Filter 1.000secs0.00C 1x1 08.08.2020 – So it has added VOYAGER but still uses the naming convention from TSX.

Also for information, from within TSX when using Voyager I always deselect Autosave but Voyager always turns it back on.

I would find it useful if all my images especially those take from TSX with Voyager connected, were in my selected location.

This is not a big deal, but I would like to understand what is going on.

Many thanks


Done a bit of reading!
I can see now that the sequence file name is generated by Voyager and is fixed.

So its just the file location variability I would like to understand.

Hi Allan,

Voyager use the 3rd part integration of TSX and the flag you want to remove is needed.
Voyager have their naming of files, cannot do nothing about TSX file and naming jobs.
Voyager cannot handle single fit name in different way than the actual.
Voyager can handle the location where to save FIT in 2 ways: in sequence you can decide where to save FIT file, in general you can decide the default location of all Sequence FIT default repository in general setting.

Thank you so much

Hi Leonardo,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I can see that Voyager is changing the settings in TSX autosave location to C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Voyager\FIT
This accounts for my observations above

If Voyager instead of using its default file location could change that TSX location to the directory set in Voyager general settings that would solve my problem but this seems not to be possible?


this is the default dir for fit, so you can change the default dir in voyager (general setting, voyager tab).
Not use the application folder.

All the best

Yes I understand, and I change general setting voyager tab to my required directory but Voyager still changes TSX settings to the default dir.

All the best

This settign changing the Voyager default dir not the TSX.

All the best

Hi Leonardo,
I understand this should be the case but please try.

  1. Start TSX, change autosave directory to what you want in the camera dialogue.
  2. Start Voyager and Connect (including TSX Camera) - The set TSX autosave directory is unchanged.
  3. Run and image from a sequence in Voyager - The TSX autosave directory changes to the Voyager default directory (C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Voyager\FIT).
    It is changed to the default Voyager directory even if you set your own directory in Voyager.
    This is totally reproducible on my system.
    All the best

If you think this is a bug please use the support to report it with all the info and logs.

All the best

Hi Leonardo,
Just for information, the directory change happens during startup when Voyager initially connects to TSX and takes an initial short (calibration?) image.

All the best

Voyager not change the TSX directory or folder, Voyager can change only directory where store finally the FIT with naming convention used in Voyager. If Voyager ask an image to TSX need that this file will be saved in the default dir for Voyager. If this change the default dir of TSX also when you use only TSX we cannot modifiy this. If you want to use TSX with Voyager this is the behavior.

All the best