Individual equipment connection buttons?

The individual equipment connection buttons do not work for me. I am trying to create a couple of sequences and would like to connect only my planetarium software. (I do not have an observatory and the rest of my equipment is put away in storage cases.) Rowland’s wiki also indicates that the buttons may not work. Is there a way to activate these buttons?



Hi Glenn,

As of now (Version 2.1.1a), only the ASCOM Safety Monitor individual connect / disconnect button has been implemented. The other buttons are present but not yet working - it’s coming in a future release.


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OK, good to know it’s in the works. Thanks Rowland.


Any updates on this? It would be good to be able to connect a Planetarium separately from other devices. When I am setting up my targets I like to check time of transit and to retrieve information using the Sequence Editor target buttons.
Thank you


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Hello Roberto,

no news about. Todo list is really big…actually we are working on totally new features.

All the best