Ioptron Zero position not working

I have the Ioptron CEM60 and have played with the options in Setup Form/Mount for ioptron. Regardless of option selected, when it does Park in the script, it will lay the scope parallel to the ground instead of returning to zero position.

Is there something I’m missing or another way I need to configure this?

Eric Horton

Park and the zero position can be two difference things on the CEM60. The zero position is the constant and should always work but park can be user defined to the position where you want the scope to store itself once everything is powered down.

Page 31 of the manual is your friend.

5.4.6. Set Parking Position
You may park the telescope before powering off the mount. This is very useful if the mount is on a
permanent pier or the mount will not be moved in between observation sessions. The mount will keep
all the alignment info and reference points.
There are six parking positions. Two positions that park the scope horizontally (Horizon Position). Two
positions that park the scope vertically (Zenith Position). “Current Position” will park the scope at its
current position. Alternatively, you can enter any altitude and azimuth combination for “Custom
Parking Pos.”. When the mount is turned on, it will use the last parking position setting as the default



Thank you. Does dragscript have something other than park to achieve that zero position? I only saw park but could have missed it

I don’t think so, since the zero position is an ioptron thing. What you can do is place the mount in the zero position and then save this current position as your “custom park” position. Then when the park command is issued it will go to the zero position.

I have personally never tried it but the predefined (Zenith Position) might also do what do want? Either way you have a solution now to park at the zero position.



Thank you!! This has been very helpful. I appreciate the reference to the documentation. I had missed that

Hi Eric,

I have a CEM60 as well and Neil is correct. Only thing that I have had trouble with is setting the park position at the zero position which sometimes gives variable results. I think it is partly a driver issue and the fact that pointing at the pole could be any RA. I like my mount to park pointing close to the pole because that is where my dome park position is, so what I have done is set a park position slightly offset from the pole and this seems to be consistent. Otherwise it seemed to vary as to what RA it would park at.


Leigh. Thank you very much. That is a great idea. I appreciate you sharing.