Lagoon and Trifid nebulae and NGC6559 (And more)

The weather has been horribly unkind to me for the last several months and imaging time has been very much at a premium, this is the only completed image I have managed in some time. This is a crop from a two panel mosaic to include the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae, NGC6559 and others to make up the “Foot of Sagittarius” each pane is the best 100 subs of approximately 150 of 120 seconds each, shot with an ASI294MC Pro camera and Stellarvue SVX80T-3Sv scope, captured using Voyager (Of course) Integration in Astro Pixel Processor and some post processing in Photoshop.

Astrobin full res here


That’s a really beautiful image, thank you Very much for sharing.


What a fantastic image, really nice framing. Congrats!!

Great image and great field of view

Thanks all. It is a really pretty bit of the sky, a lot of people try to suppress the background stars but they add to the image for me.

Beautiful image, Blue! Just perfect sharpness and color. Tastefully composed and processed.


Wonderful Paul, great result !

All the best

Thanks to all. I am happy enough with this one that I might actually get it printed properly so I can put it on a wall.