LBN 643 and some vdB's from crummy London

Tried to capture this one under crummy skies in London and barely got something to show…:sleepy:

LBN 643 - LRGB

Very difficult to capture any of the blue reflection van den Bergh objects, even after over 2hrs of B frames. LP from London does not help even if imaged in the early hours of the morning during November nights.

For proper versions of this area see Thomas Davis’ version:

or Bart Delsaert’s:


Great result Roberto … this is really a difficult target.
Another great miracle.

This is mine done 6 years ago :


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Yours is a cracker! :sunglasses::clap: Beautiful.
I have to go to Pragelato. I have family living near Almese in Val Susa…


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I suffer in silence and … I throw myself to collect butterflies :hugs::butterfly: