Liveview framing and slewing?

Voyager looks really promising!

Question, is there a way to do live framing? I’d like to see a live view and be able to move the mount via voyager.

Hi Jamie,
I’m sorry but Voyager deals with automation, live view is not provided. In each case there are several free applications that have it if you need it.

For framing you can use the Web Dashboard. Voyager will point exactly what you asked.

All the best


Great product! Can’t wait to really test it out. I got very interested once I saw the web Dashboard. And tried the framing out with that tool. Amazing!

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And if you want to confirm that the framing looks like you expect, you can also fire off a test shot within the web dashboard and have the result appear there.

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I tried that and the framing
works great!

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