Location- long./ lat

Hi Leo,
I am new to Voyager. I had a dragscript run the other night and there was an exit/shutdown because of a low Alt. condition reported (under 30 deg.) This was clearly not the case. The target / scope was pointed well above that lower limit. I believe there is some type of bug causing the reported location Longitude incorrectly.

Problem/ bug seems to be that the Longitude is reported with the Latitude value:

Data used for Altitude check => Lat 39 46 24.00 Long -39 46 24.00 RATarget=06 33 33.775 DECTarget=04 52 31.56

In SetupForm for my MOUNT I am using TheSky64 and the mount driver is Astrophysics V2

Out of 4 Nights running this error happened on just one night.
Let me know what you think may be the cause.


Hi Jim,

please use support for this kind of request.
Seems a bug in TSX interface, something to report to SB support.

I suggest to use the override in Voyager about lat and long:

All the best

I had this same issue. I uninstalled ASCOM 6.5, build and then reinstalled it and the issue was fixed.
I’m using TSX64 Build 13210, APCC v1.7.1.5 (yes I know its old) and AP V2 driver V5.40.01.

Wow…thanks Leo, for the fast reply. I will try the override.


I had that happen once too where it used latitude coordinates for longitude and it shut down early. I’m using TheSkyX with a Paramount. I am now using the override coordinates and it hasn’t happened again. Weird glitch.