M 101 from the City

Here is my attempt at M 101 from my back yard. I live in a light polluted suburb of Los Angeles, California. My SQM reading on this night was 18.1 (Bortle 7-8). I did a lot of noise reduction but there is still quite a bit of noise left. I was willing to accept more noise in exchange for preserved detail.

Captured with Voyager, of course! Details can be found on my AstroBin page.


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That’s a beauty Glenn!
The colors are subtle but very distinct, and the Ha knots are really nice.

Now you’re making me think I was too heavy handed with NR on my NGC 2903.
Might have to process it a third time :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing,

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Really Nice Glenn ! A miracle for the sky you have …

All the best

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Thank you very much, Rowland. I’ve gone back and forth with noise reduction. Data from my back yard definitely requires a lot of it, but the loss of detail drives me nuts. Lately I’ve been willing to accept a little more noise in exchange for better detail. It’s a balancing act. :nerd_face:

Thank you, Leo. If I could ever get more than 6 hours of data on something, I think my images would improve. I will try to add to the data I have if I get the opportunity to do so this season.



Fantastic, and a miracle in your skies. Well done, sir!

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Thank you, Eric!