M13 taken with Voyager from London (UK)

This is not my first image capture completely controlled with Voyager but one of the most satisfying. I see so many incredible images posted here that it’s difficult not to be a bit hessitant in posting one of my own.


Larger Version

4k Version

6k (full size)

Image acquistion was via SW Esprit 150, field flattener, ASI2600MC Pro and 10micron GM2000 UltraPort completely controlled by Voyager. 58 x 600s dithered subs taken over about 6 nights. Bortle 6 skies unfortunately - would love to have done this at a darker site.



Beautiful Robert!
It’s a bright enough object that I’m not sure you would get a much different result at a darker site.
Looks great!

Thank you Rowland, much appreciated. It was a labour of love getting rid of city gradients - at least I’m getting better with Pixinsight DBE now.


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This is an incredible result Robert, congratulations.

All the best

Great result Robert :sunglasses: Your setup is working great! :+1:


Thank you Leo, it would have been very difficult without your wonderful software.

Roberto, thank you also - it was your excellent work that led me into getting the big refractor in the first place.


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