M13 - Tried and True

The folks at Backyard Observatories completed my Roll-Off Roof observatory lately and I also “finished” my “bolt-on scheduler” for Voyager so decided to pick a nice bright target to test things out. This is two hours of RGB so not a really deep image, but M13 is so bright you don’t really need much time.

I know this target has been done to death but it’s still pretty!




This is very delicate processing. I can easily resolve all the core stars.



Thanks José!
I used HDRMT and LHE in PixInsight to bring the core stars up out of of the glow. I like the effect of the glow so it took a few times to balance bringing up the core without losing the glow completely.

Processing is such a matter of taste - and practice, practice, practice!


Wonderful Rowland … congratulations for all !
M13 is always a wonderful target and your rendition is a great result !

All the best and thanks for sharing …

Great capture and processing Image looks very pleasing to look at, I’m going to look into at those processes in PI.


Thanks Leo - Voyager is so reliable, it has given me back a lot of time I used to spend trying to get acquisition software to work. Now I can focus on choosing targets and processing. Voyager rocks!


Thanks Joe, HDRMultiscaleTransform and LocalHistogramEqualization are good processes to know. They will help bring detail out of bright areas such as galaxy cores and bright nebula too. I’m sure you can find some tutorials on the web or if you have Warren Keller’s book or access to his online tutorials, you’re all set. Adam Block’s videos are also great. They are both paid but high quality.