M27 Dumbbell Nebula, from the suburbs of L.A

Taken from near Glendale, California (just north of L.A.) where the sky measures 18.6 SQM. :grimacing: RGB imaging is typically iffy from here, and even though the Dumbbell Nebula is fairly bright, I had to fight with DBE a bit to get this far.

The best part, of course, was that these were all acquired by a Voyager dragscript running all night long while I was comfortably in bed :grinning:

== Details ==

Telescope: Takahashi TOA 130 with reducer (effectively f/5.3)
Mount: AP 1100 GTO
Camera: ZWO ASI 1600 MM cooled to -15 C
Filters: Astrodon RGB Gen-E series
Acquisition Time:
2.9 hours each Red + Blue, 3.0 hours Green (total: 8.8 hours)
Autoguided with a piggybacked guidescope


Congrats, you have done a miracle !
Color and details are really nice.

All the best

Hi, Leo,

Thanks for the kind words. PixInsight has a learning curve, but can really produce wonderful results, esp if you gather enough data. And Voyager has made that possible, since I can now easily image any clear night without ruining my sleep.

Clear Skies,

  • Rajeev

Really a show :blush:

Thanks, Marzio!

  • Rajeev