M45 Pleiades LRGB

Here’s my first image post on the Voyager forum.

Learning LRGB imaging and processing with my new 294mm. ![M045 2021-11-05|690x465]
Astrobin file: M45 Pleiades (fuadramseybass) - Full resolution | AstroBin

M45 Pleiades LRGB, 2021-11-05,
Warner Springs, CA. Bortle 4
86x300sec Luminance
31x300sec red
29x300sec blue
30x300 sec green.
Total integration time 14.5 hours.

William Optics Z61 with flattener, ASI294mm pro, ZWO 31mm filters, CGEMII, Voyager, PHD2, PixInsight, Gimp.


Really nice Jamie, thanks for sharing.
I like so much the color and the deepness of the image.

All the best

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