Messier 16 & 17 2x3 mosaic

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In my observatory I have set up a small iOptron iEQ35 pro in addition to the two main instruments. On it is a Vixen FL55SS, reduced to 237 mm focal length. I use a QHY 163c CMOS there. This year I concentrated on mosaics with this setup.

One of them deals with the objects around Messier 16 and 17. It is a 2x3 mosaic, each part 42x5 min exposed at gain 25, offset 50. Controlled with Voyager via dragscript.
Besides the two main players in the field you will find various dark nebulae and open star clusters. Have fun browsing!

full resolution and acquisition detail


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Beautiful sight Markus! Thank you for sharing. :+1: :+1:


I agree with Roberto … this is a wonderful result.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you, Roberto and Leonardo!