Minor problems with AP driver

I have encountered two problems with voyager interacting with the AP driver.

  1. PhD guide connects to my camera and my AP 1100 on start up.
    When it gets to calibration it gives an error saying pulse guider fails.
    Then I restart and reconnect PHD and Voyager and it calibrates ok.
    Is there a way to cycle the connection so dragscript does not a fail?

  2. Exit or disconnect Voyager AP driver continue to run. Reconnect brings error.
    I have to manually kill driver in task manager to connect.

Try to ask to AP , this is not generated from Voyager seems no data from telescope. Also for pulseguide Voyager cannot solve this for you (i not use pulseguide but ST4 that work better).

You can retry setup connection using DragScript … there is plenty of example on dragscript section and on forum.

All the best

SafeSetupConnection.vos (14.4 KB)

1   - 	Start: Events At Start are ENABLE
2   - 	Script
4   - 			Connect Setup
5   - 				IF OK
6   - 					Goto Block: CONNESSIONE OK
7   - 			Wait Time: 00:00:10 [hh:mm:ss] Interval
8   - 			Repeat Block For n Times: 3
9   - 			Goto Block: CONNESSIONE KO
10  - 		Block: CONNESSIONE KO
11  - 			Remark: Problemi di connessione dopo aver provato 3 volte
12  - 			Goto End
13  - 		Block: CONNESSIONE OK
14  - 			Remark: Connessione andata a buon fine
15  - 	End
16  - 	Events