Mosaic in progress - Rho Ophiuchi area

With all the changes to simplify mosaic planning, between the virtual FOV and new ability to import all panels with one click within Voyager itself, I have set myself an ambitious target for the (Southern) winter. A 12 panel mosaic around Rho Ophiuchi and Antares. I am aiming for 50 or more 300 second subs per panel, the last two nights were favourable weather wise and I collected 70 or more subs.

This is the progress to date with the first four panels shot while the weather and new moon lined up. Some of the rest are going to have some reflection challenges to overcome so I hope that I can complete this in 2020.


Great Paul … this is the must wonderful area in the sky.
Have fun with Virtual FOV and mosaic action and keep us in touch with news about.

All the best

It really is a beautiful area to image, I just wish I had two telescopes or an array to get more of it at once!

Virtual FOV is such a great framing tool for single images and even better for mosaics.


So far looks really nice! I hope I can image that area this season.