Mosaic order question LRGB

Just curious for anyone with mosaic experience. I was wondering with LRGB, do you suggest doing an entire cycle of the targets frames for each filter first or finish one panel at a time?

I tend to do a run on single frames of L and do a trial mosaic of these first. When you trim a mosaic down, you often then want to adjust things a little but if that all works then those frames then become my target masters for subsequent runs.

A lot will depend on where the target sits in the sky. I prefer to do my B subs around the meridian so end up doing some of each.

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To me, it’s all a matter of personal preference and time constraints. I don’t have many clear nights, so I take a few images through each filter, but may put more emphasis on L. If you have 200 clear nights a year, then sure, spend more time on each filter.

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