My First Nights With Voyager

I’ve got my first “real” dragscript run going right now as I type this. I’ve had a couple of nights playing around with Voyager, but those nights were mixed with me sorting out some gear issues as well. So it wasn’t until tonight I managed to get a very basic run going to collect some data.

Other than reading the wiki for the V Curve first light, I haven’t had to really draw on the documentation yet. I know that I will be doing that though as I move into more advanced areas - to eventually get to completely unattended imaging at night.

My super basic script for tonight did the following:

Goto target/sync
Start Guiding
Repeat 20 times: Take 5 min Ha exposure + Dither

Simple, I know, but it’s good to see positive results so quickly.

Minor issue I found in the Dragscript, “Wait Time” - the Help/Note box details were in Italian.

Sorry , i’ll fix language as soon as possible

All the best

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