New to Voyager - mount control question

Hi Leo / all.

I’m new to Voyager and am currently trialing it. My main goal is to operate 2 (or 3) telescopes on 1 mount (a Mesu e200) and have it automated.

Other software programs don’t control 2 scopes on 1 mount very well. I have read the instructions, watched some videos and have had the software running for a couple of days indoors.

As I learn the software, I have some questions (most I can figure out or learn from other sources), but there’s one thing I don’t understand.

As I’m indoors, I’m using an Ascom mount simulator.

Voyager complains when I try to do a simulated slew - “MERIDIAN FLIP NOT MANAGED !!! Critical Damage possible !!! Check the mount position during sequence !!!”, so I looked into it.

In the meridian flip manager, there is an option for fork mount or GEM.
I have it set to GEM and Ascom pier mode normal

Whilst this is fine, and can look after meridian flips as normal, I don’t have a pier to crash into as mine’s a bent knee pier.

The Sitech software will control all aspects of the mount, and it will be quite happy to work with the weights up, therefore never needing a meridian flip.

How can I set as a GEM and turn meridian flip management off?

Do I simply set ‘Do flip after mount passing meridian’ to a very high number?

Or can you add a tickbox to disable meridien flip control and let the mount driver control this (which is they I think most other sequencing software handle this)?

Welcome, Jonk

other software has a synched dithering to manage more telescope over one mount. Voyager has a dedicated true system for array (same PC or 1PC for node) to manage up to 4 telescopes on one mount. With dedicated dashboard and sync of: shot, guide, dithering, meridian flip, autofocus and so… This version of Voyager is called Array and you can found more info here:

To manage a meridian flip you must choose to do it in Voyager sequence configuration:

If you not choose to manage Voyager will show this alert.
If you choose GEM mount in Voyager and you dont choose to manage meridian Voyager always send to you this message, if you dont want to care about meridian flip in Voyager ( and you are sure mount software prevent you to get damage) and dont want to see the message select the mount like fork. In this case Voyager not manage nothing about meridian.

“Do flip after mount passing meridian’” is a parameter used only if Voyager manage the meridian.

Or can you add a tickbox to disable meridien flip control and let the mount driver control this (which is they I think most other sequencing software handle this)?

This is exactly what Voyager dont want to do because is the origin of a lot of problem using automation software. If you have an automation software is better than this one take care of all. Anyway if you want not manage meridian in voyager just check this flag in sequence configuration, Voyager will do the right actions after an external meridian change when recognize it done externally (you must use and ASCOM driver for the mount) ABORT Exposure if Meridian Flip occurs outside Voyager and FORCE EXECUTE Meridian Flip Operations:

Option is in red mean … you can damage your setup.

All the best

Thanks Leo, I will set up as a fork mount as I cannot crash my equipment on a bent pier, even if I tried!

Is there an option to trial the array version? I thought running 2 instances would be enough, but I’m happy to try the array option, even if indoors with a mount simulator, 2 cameras, 2 filter wheels, 2 focusers, 1 PC.

You are welcome,

you can ask for a trial to the support email with your Voyager’s serial.
Be sure your simulator drivers (and the real drivers) are able to manage 2 instance on the same PC or you must use 2 different PCs.

All the best