New to voyager - questions

Hello, I had a few questions, some of which were answered on cloudynights but not fully.
A) I understand that the programmer does not want to rely on filter offsets for facilitating focusing. However, the wiki FAQ seems to indicate that if the filter wheel Ascom drive supports filter offsets, the software will use these offsets. Can you confirm which is right ?
B) generally, I have preferred to rotate through my filters when imaging for two reasons : (1) if seeing is not good, « poor » frames will be spread on various filters and not just one, (2) I prefer to dither as much as possible - by rotating filters, I can dither every 4 frames if doing LRGB for example.
In practice, how do I resolve B) without filter offset. It would mean having to focus every frame (!). Even if I decide to do blocks of 3 or 4 frames before switching filters, it still means focusing too frequently and losing precious imaging time.
On cloudynights, there was a suggestion to use dragscript but it would require a very convoluted / complex approach to something which should be simple.
Thank you

Hi Fredd,

Voyager not trust in filter offset and in the way you get data , also ASCOM FW not do active offset, just store values. So if for you is the offset the way to work to not losing precious imaging time Voyager cannot help you.

If you want to use Voyager create a small slots of sub for filter, use group by mode sequence and the repeat flag with the number of cycles. Choose focus by slot mode and at change of each filter Voyager will do the auto focus for you.

Thanks for you interest in Voyager.

Hi Fredd, I make cycles of 4 photos per filter, I do the dithering to each image and the focus to every time the filter changes. In my opinion this solution is excellent. Have you tried the focusing routine before saying it takes too long?

Andrea Peretti

I do much the same but add in a refocus when the temperature changes by a set amount. I would rather loose a few minutes to focussing than lots of subs for being out of focus.

Filter offsets are rarely effective in my experience.

Voyagers focus routines are very very good and once fettled are pretty quick.

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