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I am just getting started with Voyager and right now I’m baffled about how to control indenting in the drag script. I am operating remotely using Teamviewer and that seems to prevent me from just dragging/dropping. I have to use cut paste and there is no option in that case about where in the hierarchy the paste command puts things. Any ideas?

There are not problem to use drag and drop using teamviewer. Check in teamviewer setting if you have disabled it

The only relevant setting appears to be “Show Remote Cursor” and that is checked. I’m using TV13 on a Windows 10 Pro computer. I tried again and the Editor Element turns blue but there is no immediate drag/drop possible. Any ideas?

At the same time, the bigger question (as I can live with cut paste for a while) is how to indent. I like the way that the example scripts are structured. I cannot duplicate the indentation in them everything just ends up in the same place when I copy/paste. Any advice on this would be helpful.

I’m going to try Chrome Remote Desktop and see if that works differently but I don’t want to have to continue to use that because TV gives me two full screens to work with and CRD does not.


Try this post:

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As soon as i have some spare time i will give a try (=another life :expressionless: ) . However, even for work i am dropping teamviewer for AnyDesk. I find it more confortable :slight_smile:

OK. So for some reason Voyager drag/drop will not work in a remote TV session. Too bad. I like TV because it gives me the ability to have dual screens when imaging. Why not just fix the problem? TV is the standard freeware for remote imagers. No point in answering if it’s not getting fixed.

I use TeamViewer with Voyager all the time and drag and drop works fine.

I don’t think this is a Voyager issue, but something about your configuration?

If TeamViewer is set up so the cursor shape is not changing on your local PC to match the remote one, you won’t be getting the indications that show you where the “drop” is acceptable. From the Wiki:

“The target of a Drag and Drop must be a top level element such as Script, Block, End, Events, IF OK/ERROR/TIMEOUT, etc. The mouse cursor will be the international not symbol (circle with diagonal line) if you cannot drop the element at that location. A gray rectangle is added to the mouse cursor when it is hovering over a suitable target”

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Voyager have not problem with teamviewer , you have problem with your teamviewer. You are welcome but not write things are not true, you are in a forum. Please read what we wrote to you and try

Ross I just tested this, and it worked perfectly fine over TV.

OK I was wrong about this. I just didn’t understand HOW it was supposed to look when doing it. Now that I know the rules, it’s working fine for me. Had no trouble at all last night with it.


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