New Video: Why Voyager?

The next English language video is done and up on YouTube and our website - this time, under the Why Voyager? page.

And that’s the video title - Why Voyager? There are lot of imaging software options available. I think those of us who use Voyager already know how it’s different, but hopefully this video will give people new to Voyager a better idea of how it excels, and motivate them to give it a try.

Feel free to share :slight_smile:

And now back to tutorial videos …



Thanks Rowland , really nice for Voyager.

All the best

I agree. You did a really good job on that video.

Hi Rowland,

I will put that link on my website!

The last night was the first with Voyager und real sky. Awesome, simply awesome. Have to figure out how to use the drag script editor in combination with my I/I card.


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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the link! I’m really glad you had a great experience with Voyager your first time out.

Leo did a video about using Viking with Voyager and DragScript - it’s currently the last video on the video page at, titled “Using Viking with Voyager and Roof Management.”

Feel free to ask questions here or by email, and welcome once more to the Voyager family.


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