Newbie to a Drag Script

Quick question to try to run a script tonight, think first try failed. I was doing a simple 2 sequence run and looks like it took one blur image and went to next sequence. I added sequences like I normally run with all my focus, guider settings etc that work well. When you add a sequence to a script, does it follow all the settings in the sequence or do you have to drag each setting as in focus each 30 min into the script?


sequence will be run exactly like from on the fly, you dont need to add nothing.
Just this data will be removed from sequence: time wait and start at init, time end, on end info, on error info.
Settings in On End and On Error you can manage with DragScript Blocks, time start and end you can configure in the sequence block in DragScript.

If took one blur image and went next sequence some really bad happens.
In monitor log you will found all the info about, read the yellow and red messages.
If you need support to understand send log files and request to support mail.

All the best