NGC 1491 ''bear claw nebula(imho)''


My first test on 900s exposures. Gain 178 Offset 10. For the time I invested in this it’s a little disappointing. I really do like the extra resolution 183 is giving me on these smaller targets, but this might have been just too small. Deconvolution really likes asi 183 too! On these 900s individual exposures The signal is really strong and I feel like I can get the dimmer parts show more quickly.

Total light:
HA:50x900s SII:21x300s OIII:18x300s.

SW esprit 80
Asi 183 pro mono
Astrodon 5nm narrowband filters

C&C welcome.


I really like your color, Jukka. How are you combining your narrowband data, and how do you approach color balance?


This is pure SHO combination. For this image I used the color mask technique in pixinsight. The SII data was so faint I might have had better HOO image, but I really liked this one colours. I used HA data as master luminance for this, to get the noise down.

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