NGC4565 - Needle Galaxy from SE London

Another one shot entirely with Voyager from SE London. Details at the Astrobin link. According to the LP map of the UK, my SQM is 18.9…but I keep trying!


Centre crop:

Full image:


Roberto, thats a wonderful result … color incredible !!!

All the best

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Really nice Roberto! I’m at SQM 19.5 and galaxies are not easy here, so you’re really doing a good job to get that image from even more light polluted skies. Keep up the good work!


Thank you Leo, Rowland. My setup is not really geared for galaxy season (imaging at 1.4”/px and with a 6” refractor) but ‘tis the season so thought I would have a go at this one!

Beautiful work Roberto!

Thank you Francesco! :wink:

Incredible shot, Roberto! The detail of the dust lane is perfect. Wonderful color, too.


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