NGC7000 & Pelican

Hi all,

one my first photos.
ofc with Voyager!

taken from Umbria, IT (near Todi)
Tak FSQ 85
LRGB about 1h each

I have also 1h of H-Alpha but haven’t used it in this picture (should I?)
any input is appreciated!


Hi Valerio,

I was born near Todi (Torri di Gualdo Cattaneo) … great place !
Let me know where you have taken the image, i’m interested on this.

Really nice image, my suggestion is to change the white point … you have lost a lot of red. This usually happens when you use a wide colored area for white balance or the wrong place (not gray/black place).

All the best

Hi Leonardo, I was on vacation with friends, we booked the property for 2 weeks here and I tried to take some shots. As soon as they went to sleep… I turned off all the external lights and started taking pictures! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

this is the location Google Maps

thanks for the suggestion, I had the same impression…
if you also use pixinsight can you help me undestanding “when” I should do that?

After integrating all RGB channels I did

  • background neutralization
  • PCC (photometric color calibration)
  • SCNR (Subtractive Chromatic Noise Reduction) to remove green

I’m just learning PixInsight and I’m unsure what went wrong in my process!!

Really nice place … thanks.
PCC in this area can give to you this kind of result. You can proceede only with the background neutralization choosing a right black area where the signla can be considered null.

If you want to share in private the color combination before processing I’m sure I can take a little video to help. In private.

Otherwise here there are a lot of talented AP can help

All the best

I guess I’ll try to reprocess soon and I’ll write you in case. that’s very kind of you.

have a nice day!

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