NGC869,884 The Double Cluster in Perseus

The Double Cluster. A simple stretch and color tweak with APP. Forty minutes of integration last night; twenty 30 second subs through each LRGB filter. I didn’t put much effort into this one as I’ll be getting a set of Astrodons in the next couple of days. A filter comparison might be interesting. Stellarvue SVX102T, Mach1GTO, ASI1600MM Pro, and Voyager…of course.


I like the clarity and contrast you’ve achieved, and you really got the clusters to “pop”. Well done.

I am very happy with my Astrodons. I’m sure you will love them.

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Thank you, Glenn. It will be interesting to see the differences, subtle they might be.

Love the image. I have a Mallincam with the same Panasonic sensor
as your camera, however mine is uncooled. I am just coming to terms
with the Amp Glow of the Pansonic sensor, you have done a beautiful
job of processing your images.

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

Thank you for your kind words, Bob.