Nitecrawler - never rotates?

I’m new to voyager. I have a nite crawler… it’ll image just fine, no other issues. But, it never rotates to the PA I have selected. I am trying to just use ‘on the fly’ currently. It plate solves… but there is never a phase that adjusts the PA to match what I have in my sequence (or at least whats from Robofire).

Do I have to use dragscripts to use my rotator?

I used drag scipts… but commanding the rotator just moves it. How do you sync it to a specific angle? I’m lost. I didn’t have to manually figure this out in the other program I was using before?

I think rotator syncing has only just been added to one of the very recent builds. Which version are you using?

Voyager manages only ASCOM Rotator ! Concept of sync in ASCOM driver about rotator is just introduced in the last 6.5 edition (in the last weeks).

Problem is that 6.5 ASCOM driver force developer of driver to implement sync and mechanical report of position in driver (all the driver with interface 3) … at now I dont think there are driver supporting this features.

Before this Sync the rotator is something that the driver itself manages with special button or procedure in the driver setting forms (I think this do also your rotator).

Some automation applications (and not all) offer a software sync inside with storage of an offset between mechanical position and sky PA.

Voyager adds this feature internally and support also the 6.5 ASCOM rotator interface in the release that Peter have wrote to you:

With previous versions of Voyager you can rotate manually the rotator or using DragScript blocks or flip during meridian flip in Sequence, Voyager assumed that the rotator had been synchronized externally. We have wait so much to introduce this because having rotator is not a common thing and also between who have rotators not so many can rotate it without lost good quality of images, so we put task in low priority.

All the best

I think I’m using a version that’s 3 weeks old or so. I’ll give the daily build a try next time I’m out.

Is there a notification if there is a new version when I start?

So, just to confirm from someone with a nitecrawler, there is a way for voyager to automatically adjust your rotation? Could someone describe their process or show me a drop script on how to make it happen in the future?


PS sorry for the poor English when I wrote it. I was pretty tired when I figured out it wasn’t doing it.

The daily build is notified on this forum, the official release directly when you open Voyager if you have an internet connection or again in this forum.

For the info requested please read the message I just wrote before your:

For Nightcrawler documentation you can refer directly to producer website if they have an offset or zero mechanism, or wait for some users that have it and answer to your mail. Otherwise, download Voyager daily build and Voyager will manage offset for you, also in this case read instruction in my previous message in this topic.

All the best

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Thank you Leonardo, just hoping for some personal experiences with the specific hardware.

Your software is awesome!!!


If you using the latest daily build which is your hardware isn’t a problem … but probably I can’t explain this well reading on various forum !

Again … you can sync now from rotator command widget also if you don’t have sync in driver or if you use new ASCOM 6.5 driver:

You can web/blind/plate solve and sync rotator using DragScript:

You can precise point a target also rotating the rotator at desidered PA (with or without sync of rotator) in onthefly (precise pointing target coord & PA) :grinning:

And in DragScript (Precise Pointing Mount & Rotator):

I’m working adding it in sequence like I wrote here:



I’ve got a Litecrawler so will give the new version a try at some point in the near future. I would be good to compare notes.


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I didn’t have that build installed and I’ll figure out the drag script.


My next opportunity will be next weekend. I’ll try and get a drag script working before then. If you’d like to coordinate on slack or some other platform lmk. My imaging group uses slack so we can talk quicker.

I need to figure out drag scripts better anyways :hugs:.