Object transit time 30 minutes out


I was having a play with the Object finder under the On the Fly tab last night and found an odd occurrence.

After entering an object into the search tab and selecting “Fast Find”, Cartes would locate the object, which was normal. After reviewing the object information in Cartes, such as location, type of object, meridian transit time etc… I noticed that the Transit time in Cartes was exactly 30 minutes different from what Voyager was showing under the Target window.

The mount settings I believe are correct as I have used EQMOD with SGP and even Cartes before, with no issues.

The only other thing I can think of, why this might be happening, would possibly be something to do with Timezones? I live in Adelaide, South Australia, which has a timezone of +9.5hrs from UTC. When I change the clock time on my computer to +10hrs of UTC (which is Melbourne, Victoria) the transit time matches with Cartes.

I am at a loss as to why this would be happening, right now, meridian flips happen 30minutes after the object has actually crossed the meridian.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Especially those of you who maybe from Adelaide, South Australia or another timezone which maybe not a whole hour number?



Andrew, the data in Transit are calculated with data of PC and Mount … if this 2 things match you dont have problems. But this is only indicative info, for meridian cross data used coming from the mount and if mount is ok you’ll dont have problems.

Voyager doesnt have time zone … this mean you need to fix in PC or in mount … also the lat and long are essential to be ok.

All the best