Observing Conditions

Hello, after some difficulty, I was able to set-up the openweather ascom. The weird thing is that for the first 4 lines (temp, hum, pressure, dew) they blink every second or so between 0 and the correct data point. It is quite annoying. I have trend time calculation at 5mn and after 30mn, the blinking continues. Any ideas what the source of this issue could be ?


Why you ask on Voyager forum, have you tried to ask directly to Openweather support ?

The blinking is in voyager so I was wondering if this was voyager set-up driven as voyager has settings that seem relevant. The probability of getting feedback via open weather seems very low as it relates to only how it is displayed in voyager. I have sgpro as back-up and it doesn’t show the alternating display between 0 and data.

I tested it again after some years and I dont see any problem, I dont have any report about this problem. Have you closed and reopen setup / Voyager after changing observing conditions setup ? Have you other controls of Voyager adding information in Observing conditions like Viking or SQM that discord with data coming from Openweather ? Have you tried to using only openweather data ?

If you think is a bug of Voyager, use support, send email with log attached and the settings to recreate it and evidence of problem with image about blink to understand.

I tried using Observing Conditions Hub but with same results.
I then returned to Open Weather Ascom and restarted. I have an Eagle 4 with access to SQM data. What is odd is that even if I don’t select Eagle under SQM /Observing Conditions, the data on SQM shows under Observing Conditions window. Could this be the source of the issue ?

In fact, I tested with Viking shut down (as it connects to Eagle 4) and the blinking stopped. So I think the issue is that Viking send data on temp, press, etc… but I don’t have an Ecco connected so it probably sends 0 and Observing Conditions also receives data from OpenWeather. So maybe the solution will be to connect Ecco and drop OpenWeather (I cannot test as my Ecco unit is right now in remote location).