Operational Questions

Not sure if you want to use the forum for operational questions or if prefer support email. But this is a general query which may be of benefit to other user’s understanding.

Just wanted to clarify the behaviour of the status returned from the RoboTarget action in a dragscript based on Rowlands blog:

If skipped - only occurs if night start with offset has not yet been reached.

If timeout - only occurs when the end of the night with offset has been reached.

If error - I am not 100% clear on this and how it interacts with the RoboTarget settings for “Scheduler Soft error retry” and “Sequence Max Retries in a Single RoboTarget Run in Case of Error”. If I get a guiding error on a single target for example (due to clouds say), I presume it will retry the number of times specified in “Sequence Max Retries…” and then move on to another target - the scheduler will continue and not generate an error status? If the scheduler progresses through all eligible targets and all generate this guiding error (probably unlikely, but theoretically) or some other error (eg camera download error, plate solving error etc), will the scheduler exit with an error status? Or is the error status only generated by some scheduler error if exceeding the “Soft error retries”? Sorry if i haven’t explained this very well.

If ok - Rowland didn’t mention this one - is it used? If there is only one target in the scheduler (obviously not the intention, but as an example for understanding), once this is finished, will the scheduler exit with an ok status. Or if there are more targets but none meet specified constraints (eg full moon), will it exit with ok status or will it wait until end of night continuously checking for targets that meet the constraints and then exit with timeout status.

I haven’t done a run yet, just trying to get my head around the logic.

Thanks for input.


IF ERROR means something terrible is happens on the PC, OS or scheduler software. Its a bug or a problem with the database acces like db disappear, cannot write on OS disk, DB corrupted. In this case Voyager before exit with error retry the scheduler (interval time is 60s) for 5 times “Scheduler Soft Error Retry”.

What is inside the Sequence (all the error) are sequence error and is managed by the “Sequence max retries in a single Robotarget run in case of error”. But this error do not stop the scheduling. We will attach some signal (will add new events in DragScript) to scheduler if will be not possible to get a target for x time.

All the best

Thanks Leo. Good idea about the additional sequence error handling/signal. That would be useful.