Paramount always unparks on connect


I’ve noticed that my Paramount unparks on connection through Voyager even when ‘Unpark On Connect’ is not checked. I’m not sure whether this is a Voyager, SkyX or (more likely something) I’ve done.

Is anyone else using Voyager with a Paramount and can verify what’s going on ?

BTW. ‘Track On Connect’ works as I would expect.

Many thanks

Hello Robert,

I suppose you using TheSkyX like mount control in Voyager.

Voyager doesn’t unpark mount if you don’t ask with flag.
I check also the code to be sure because i wrote it 5/6 years ago.
If you ask to start tracking obvius TSX unpark and start tracking by itself.

Check if you have start tracking flag or in TSX your setting on connect.

There are other Voyager’s users with Paramount in observatory … also @Rowland_Archer have a MyT … if im not wrong

All the best

Thanks LO, I will check for those options in TheSkyX.